Brexit Bot Review – It is 100% Scam (Proofs Attached)

Brexit Bot Review – It is 100% Scam (Proofs Attached)

Are you looking for Brexit Bot Unbiased review? Then you are at correct blog. In this post, I will be showing you why Brexit Bot is a scam and you should stay away from it. This system is created by group of scammers for sure. As no legit auto trader is going to claim to make you a millionaire within 2 months. Moreover,this exploiting loophole is another big red flag and is very common in most of the scams.

Website –

If you will visit this website of Brexit Bot software, you will come to know about scam of this system as well. I am damn sure that even a novice trader is going to catch their scam signs easily. Brexit bot is just taking advantage of a recent event occurred in Europe. It’s name is Brexit. I am damn sure that you all must have been aware of this tragedy. If you don’t know about it then let me tell you about it. Actually, United Kingdom recently took decision to leave European Union. Due to this change, value of British Pound was affected for few days. But, it’s all normal after stabilization is done.

So how it will affect Binary Options:

Well now the thing is, how brexit is going to affect binary options trading. Well, you can still benefit in Binary options due to this event but not the way which Brexit Bot is explaining. It’s almost impossible to earn millions due to this thing. All of you must be aware of the fact that Auto Trader softwares can not use latest news in their algorithm so winning rate is quite low. Especially, in the case of Brexit Bot it is going to use Brexit thing to earn money so you must think that latest news is very important in this case. So do you really think that you can benefit from an Auto Trader which is actually based on a recent event?

What’s Brexit Bot all about?

fake claims

As per the pitch video on their sales page, it’s all based on Brexit. It just focus on GBP currency pair to provide winning signals. Though, they have not disclosed a single word about how their algorithm works. (Most Probably, because it does not exist actually).  Though, till this all things were sounding quite fine. BUT a big red flag was raised against this system when I got to know about that this system is going to make you 1M$ in next two months. As I have already told you that  it’s not possible to generate this much amount of money from Binary Options trading with initial brokerage of just 250$. All this offer is just provided to take your money from you.

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92% ITM Rate. Really?

The video presenter also claimed that Brexit bot has winning rate of around 92% which is again seems bogus promise. Currently, there is not even a single legit binary options auto-trader which can have 92% winning rate. Moreover, it’s quite obvious that any auto-trader would have winning rate of over 92%. So this thing again raises a big red flag. Seems like all these things are just presented in a way so that novice trader will be impressed to this system.

Who is CEO of Brexit Bot?

Well this is again a question. Even, We don’t know who is this guy. Brexit Bot seems to be a scam as every thing is going against this system. Paul Harrison is CEO of  brexit bot and even we don’t know about him. He just seems to be a paid actor as we were not able to find him on any of site. We tried to track him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and we were not able to track him actually anywhere. It just seems like Paul harrison is not any guy with real bone. Moreover a scammer will try his best to be anonymous as much as he can.

Fake Testimonials

And This thing just made us sure that Brexit bot is a confirmed scam. They are seeking help of paid actors to present their system as authentic system which has testimonials who has made hell lot of money via their system. But those guys who are giving their testimonials in the video are paid actor who are hired from fiverr for just 5$. Moreover their testimonials was quite funny as well as it’s almost impossible to earn that amount which were stated in their testimonials.

Conclusion: Brexit Bot is 100% Scam

In the end I just want to say why any one would like to join any system which has fake testimonials. They are doing fake promises with their users. Moreover, there is no information about CEO of this app. So do you really think that any legit system would in this manner. Ofcourse Not! So, we recommend you to just stay away from this binary options scam system. Brexit Bot is just made to rip people’s money by luring them.

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