Binary Brain Trust Review – Scam Software (Stay Away)

Binary Brain Trust Review – Scam Software (Stay Away)

Team of OneBox MC is back with a new review today. We have no doubt in our mind that Binary Brain Trust trading software is a SCAM because we have checked this trading software thoroughly and observed that there is not a single thing about this binary option that makes sense.

In case you’re planning to invest in this binary options trading software, then we recommend you must read our review of Binary Brain Trust before taking a step further.

Binary Brain Trust Review

So let’s start with our binary brain trust review now.

Binary Brain Trust is the foundation committed to making at least $5000 a day for every member who join it. It is available in the trading business from past five years. You just need to connect your trading account with their master account and leave the rest of them experienced team of brokers.

This trading software is created and owned by Martin Clayton. As mentioned in the demonstration video, the aim of setting up this binary option is to assure significant profits for the members of Binary Brain Trust. This trading software is backed by a team of 55 intelligent and hard working professionals who are doing this for years and have a vast knowledge of this field.

This trading software is based on adamant strategy and has potential of earning more than $5000 a day. But frankly speaking, whatever you heard in the pitch video about Binary Brain Trust is a big lie and completely misleading.

You might be wondering why we’re sure about it? Right. Actually, during our research we have gathered lots of proofs and left no doubt in our mind that Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM.

In following lines, you will read about all the proofs:

Reasons Why Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM

Martin Clayton is Fake Actor

The first thing which created doubt in our mind about Binary Brain Trust is Martin Clayton, who calls himself the founder of this trading software. When we tried to check about him on the internet, we found no information about him. If he created his trading software five years ago and belong to the trading industry from so long, then why he is not popular just like the owner of the popular trading software like Copy Buffett.

We have also tried to check his Facebook, LinkedIn or even a Twitter profile but found nothing. Even the voice which we all heard in the presentation video is of the British actor.

So it is confirmed that he is fake, or you can say a paid actor.

Binary Brain Trust is Available for Users from Last Five Year is a Fake Statement

The fake voice of Martin Clayton mentioned in the demonstration video that he created Binary Brain Trust five year ago and earned around $5000 a day for every user who trusted them. Now this is a false statement, because when we checked the website registration of the official website of Binary Brain Trust we came to know that the domain was purchased on 20 Jan 2016. Now this confirms that something is there which alleged Martin Clayton is hiding from us.

And due to this reason, we raised our flag of caution for this trading software.

All Members Binary Brain Trust Made over $5,382 yesterday, Fake

If you visit the official website of the Binary Brain Trust, then you will see the following heading with images of the member who earned around $5,382 one day ago. Now there are lots of things we found in this section are misleading.

  1. In the following image, there is a member named as Holli McDerry from the US, who is a member of this binary options from last four years while Jin Park from Singapore using it from One and half year. We have already proved that this binary options software is available for users from last seven months, then how they all using it from this much time?
  2. Even if you visit the website after week, the amount all of them have earned will be same.
  3. We have personally checked about all of them on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Twitter, but didn’t found a single profile of these users.
  4. If you check the testimonial provided by these users, then you will notice that there are lots of grammatic mistakes which is completely unprofessional.

So all these facts force us to think that this binary option is a SCAM and providing lots of false and misleading information.

There is No Refund Policy

Martin Clayton mentioned so many time that you would earn $5000 a day. But we didn’t found any information on the website or in the demonstration video about refund policy and there is no way you get your money back

Live Trade Stats are Fake

If you check the disclaimer page on the website. It is clearly mentioned that the stats visible on the site are not actual trades, and you will not achieve these type of result while doing trading for real. Now this is completely misleading.

22 Memberships Remaining is Fake

On the website, you will see a counter showing you how much spots are available for the users. Now this is fake and part of pressure sale tactics. Even if you check the website after a week, the membership spots will still the same.

Binary Brain Trust is an Affiliate Scam

We are calling this trading software a worst Scam because they are using the money of innocent users to earn commission from the brokers. If you’re not aware of this, then we would like to share with you that every time you make a minimum deposit of $250 into the account of the broker, Martin Clayton will receive commission and this is the reason he created this whole setup. Even he doesn’t care if you earn money or not.


Binary Brain Trust is a fabricated and completely misleading binary options trading software whose aim is to make commission using the money of innocent traders. We have provided you lots of users to prove that thing and by keeping all these things in mind, we’re not recommending Binary Brain Trust to anyone.

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